Hi, I am Pedro
I'm a software engineer with 5+ years of experience in iOS development. I'm working at PagBank - one of the largest digital banks with over 30 millions users and a successful IPO at NYSE. I've being working on the main iOS app for the last 5 years developing several different products.This is what I've being working on for the last few years:<
  • Development of several reusable components using MVVM-C architecture and UIKit (both programmatically and through AutoLayout on NIB files)
  • Training new iOS Engineers
  • Development of several fintech features used by millions of customers, like credit cards, feature to track card orders and so on.
  • Monitoring application services and crashes
  • Improving the application size by modularizing it
In this blog I write about different topics related to iOS development using Swift specially some advanced topics focused on large scale applications (such as monitoring, CI/CD and UI patterns).Let's get in touch!LinkedinTwitter/X
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